Wondering What to Do with Chooda After Marriage?

Wondering What to Do with Chooda After Marriage?

Chooda or chuda holds more than just traditions or culture. It holds the emotion and memories of every bride. The tradition holds that chooda brings prosperity and fertility to the married couple. Originally, the chooda traditions can be traced to the region of Punjab, which signifies the beginning of married life and marks that you are newlyweds.

Traditionally, brides wear chooda for about one year; however, nowadays, a bride wears it for about 40 days and it is removed by the husband after the chooda vadhana ceremony, though the ceremony varies from family to family.

You might be thinking, what to do with chooda after marriage, right? Well, in today’s blog, you will learn all about how to repurpose chooda after marriage.

Chooda Traditions

The tradition of Chooda holds deep significance in Indian weddings, symbolizing marital bliss and prosperity. It is a set of colorful red and white ivory bangles traditionally worn for a certain period after marriage, maybe a year or 40 days, depending on the family traditions. You can customize your bangles according to your preferences and designs.

Bridal Chooda customs vary across regions but share the common theme of celebrating marital unity and auspicious beginnings. There are Chooda recycling ideas for you to honor tradition while infusing your post-wedding journey with creativity and sentimentality.

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What to Do With Chooda After Marriage: 6 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Your Chooda

Chooda are the stunning set of red and white bangles, which hold immense significance in Indian weddings. But once your marriage is over and those 40 days or 1 year are gone, you might be wondering what to do with wedding chooda after marriage, right?

Well, here are 6 amazing ways to repurpose your chooda and keep those memories alive. Let’s look into how on the post-wedding chooda uses.

1. Rewear On Your Wedding Anniversary

Are you wondering about what to do with chooda after marriage?

Well, there are ways you can repurpose your chooda after marriage. Your wedding anniversary is one of the most memorable and emotional days to deepen your commitment with your spouse again.

One of the chooda recycling ideas is on your special day every year is to relive your big day by wearing your original chooda. Moreover, it is a beautiful way to reconnect with those vows and celebrate your love for one another.

2. Wear Them on Family Weddings

Chooda is a symbol of new beginnings and are you thinking about what to do with Chooda after marriage?

Well, post-wedding chooda uses is wearing them at the weddings of close family members. It adds a touch of sentimentality to the occasion, allowing you to relive your wedding day.

3. Mix and Match with Other Bangles

Another great way on what to do with wedding chooda is to mix and match chooda and bangles. Moreover, nowadays there are various chooda colors available online, so accordingly mix and experiment with them with colors, textures, and styles to create a unique and trendy look that truly reflects your personal taste.

4. Wear it on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a day where married women keep a fast for the longevity of their husband and for an enduring marriage. So, are you thinking what to do with chooda after marriage?

You can add a modern twist to your tradition by wearing your chooda while you keep a fast for the longevity of your beloved husband. What you can do is take a few bangles from your chooda set alongside your regular bangles for this special occasion for a meaningful way to pay homage to your nuptial vows.

5. Cherish the Memory

Like your wedding videos and pictures, you can preserve your chooda after marriage. Buy a chooda box from The Golden Cascade to preserve and cherish your chooda to remind your wedding day.


So, stop wondering what to do with Chooda after marriage. There are lots of Chooda recycling ideas from wearing them on your anniversary to preserving them in a bangles box. So, if you are thinking about how to repurpose your chooda while keeping those precious wedding memories close to your heart, you can mix-match your chooda and bangles to give a more modern look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Chooda?

Chooda is a set of traditional bangles worn by the brides in Hindu weddings, typically of red and white colors made from ivory to symbolize marital status and fertility.

2. How Long Should I Wear Chooda After Marriage?

After your big D-day, you can wear the chooda for a specific period, often ranging from 40 days to a year. However, the duration varies from family to family and on personal preferences too.

3. What to do with Chooda After Marriage?

After wearing the chooda for a specific period, you can preserve it in a bangles box to cherish your commitment and memory as newlyweds or you can even repurpose your chooda after marriage by wearing it during festive times or even mix-matching it with different bangles.

4. How Should I Preserve Chooda After Marriage?

To maintain its significance and sentimental value, you can store the chooda in a clean bangles box or glass box and keep it in a dry place. Also, you can wrap it in a soft cloth or tissue paper to prevent damage.

5. Is There a Symbolic Meaning Behind Chooda?

Yes, the chooda symbolizes prosperity, fertility, and marital bliss. So, mostly brides wear the red and white bangles which are believed to ward off evil, bringing blessings to you and your partner.

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